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Earth Angels
This month's lesson is about Angels. Not necessarily angels with halos and wings.But earth angels. YOU could even be an angel, believe it, or not. This lesson is taken from a recent class in Vermont, where one of our reporters was a guest. She was so inspired by this lesson and then wrote a story for us featured in September's feature of the month.
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All through our lives we meet people who come to us at opportune moments. They will often turn up out of the blue. Sometimes it's someone we know, sometimes it's a total stranger. We call these people our angels, our earth angels, because in someway they will have the ability to rescue us.

They turn up, often unexpectedly, when we most need them. It's easy for us to remember those times and to remember those 'angels' because they give us so much, and we don't forget them.

So this month's lesson is, how many times have you been an 'angel' for someone else. What did you give to them and what did you get back? Each time someone is an angel for us, they give us something which is easy for us to see, what do we give them back? In other words, when someone is an angel for you, or you are an angel for them, there is always a giving and a receiving on both sides. We tend to think only of what someone gave us as an angel, but it's important to realize that even when we are receiving we can, and do, give something back even if that something is as simple as a smile.

I gave my students in Vermont an example of a one of the times I met one of my angels. (there were many times and many angels) This example can be found in this month's feature. My students had a week to come up with stories of their angels.

To follow, is a great example of one of those stories. Read the following example: And now my lesson this month, to you, is to discover your own angels. Remember what they did for you. And just as importantly, (this is the hard part) figure out what you might have done for them.

Barbara's Angel story told in Rosemary's class one month ago:

In 1960, my husband was stationed in Holland as the American Cultural Attache. When we first arrived, our house was not ready, and we were posted in a small husband and I, and our five children. There was a small pond in front of the Inn, then a tall hedge between that and the street. I was in front with my two smallest children, aged 18 months and 4 1/2. The other children were in school. I stepped in front of the hedge to speak to someone for a few minutes. Peter, my son, came running around the corner of the hedge yelling "Mommy, Barbara is dead...she drown!" I tore around to the pool, but she wasn't there. I went into the Inn and saw a man working on her to revive her.doing artificial respiration (it was not called CPR then). I stayed near but out of the way. When she started to cough and cry, the gentleman turned to me and motioned that I should hold her...which I did, until she calmed down. When I turned to give my heartfelt thanks, the man was nowhere in sight. The people at the Inn then told me his story.

He had been fired from KLM that day and was planning to leave Holland for the United States shortly. He had been staying at the Inn. I called the KLM offices, and asked about him. They wanted to know if they could help me. I told them the story and said that the man had left before I could thank him.

A few days later, the story, with pictures of the gentleman and little Barbara were in the KLM newspaper. KLM saw to it that I received a copy, and said he had been fired because they did not feel he had the intuition and alertness that was needed in his job. Since this incident, they felt they had truly misjudged him, and had given back to him his job.

So he saved a life, and ended up being saved also. I never saw him again, but I did write to him.

This is my earth angel story,



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