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Our Sixth Sense
Before we learn how to tap into our sixth sense, we first need to know what it is. And second, we need to build a steady foundation upon which to nourish it. We have spent the last few weeks concentrating on our five senses.but what is our sixth sense? For more lessons and insights read my latest book, You Own the Power.

What is it, this feeling, this instinct we all have? Our sixth sense enables us to know. To know more than our five common senses tell us. It is a seemingly intangible thing, yet when we feel it, we know it.

We think about someone and a day later, out of the blue, they call. Or we call someone, the line is engaged, because they are calling us at the same time. We go shopping and without thinking, turn into a street we've never been down before, only to see a friend we haven't seen for ages. "Oh, what a coincidence," we say, those of us who still believe in coincidences.

It is easier for us to reason with coincidence than with the idea that our sixth sense moved us to take an action, have a thought, told us some unconscious thing. It is easier for us to say, "Well, these things happen," to shrug our shoulders and move right along, without any thought as to why or how these things happen. Many people do not want to know the unknown, or to see that which is unseen. They are afraid, and understandably so. But hiding is not the answer, for hiding, closing our eyes and ears only brings confusion.

Our sixth sense. When we feel it we know it for what it is. Like a wire, pulled tight, which runs through us, our sixth sense, taught, vibrating, makes a humming sound, inaudible mostly, except at those times when we make ourselves acutely sensitive and aware, and we do that by training our five common senses. We train our five common senses to the point of sensitivity where our sixth sense automatically kicks in, becomes a high wire, like a tuning fork. Now we are more able to hear, to sense or feel, to see or touch, and yes, even to smell, the humming of that high wire as it begins to tune in. Tuning, tuning, tuning, into our spirit, into our spirituality, connecting with our soul, reaching out into the world, out into the universe, then back to us. Tuning in, feeding us, feeding our soul, our hearts and minds. This is what our sixth sense does, naturally and easily, if we give it the right energy, the right encouragement.

Working our way through our five senses, we have found tools which can help us. Searching, discovering, tuning in to our sixth sense, not only requires time and patience, we need tools to help us on our journey.

We have spent time looking at our five senses, and they are the starting blocks, the beginning tools to help us develop our sixth sense. Spend some time in the next few weeks working, again, on all of your five senses. You never know what might happen when you least expect it.


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