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Once a month we'll be posting a lesson from Rosemary. These may be hard at times, but not impossible. Remember, the sweetest fruit is always at the top of the tree.
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The Five Senses.
For the next couple of months we will be posting a special series of five lessons that will be updated every few weeks instead of monthly. Most likely every two weeks we'll post a new class, a new sense for you to explore. You can also find similar lessons in my book You Own the Power.
In order to tune into your sixth sense, you must first know yourself.
Keep checking in for the next class. Discover and enjoy.
With love, Rosemary

Five Senses Conclusion
All we are doing, feeling, sensing or seeing is our expended energy reflected back on us. Did I say that? Is that all we are doing? How easy I make it sound, how simple and straight forward. And I believe it is, if only we would make the time to take the baby steps, learn to tune in to our senses, develop an awareness and a keenness of all that is around us, and "tune in" to who we really are.

Primitive man lived on his six senses, and yes, I did say six. His life depended on them. He was truly attuned to himself, his spirit, and the spirits of those around him, both the living and the unseen living, for even if he didn't or couldn't "see", one of his other senses told him what he needed to know. His life was uncluttered, no material distractions. No TV, no car, no wonderful and mechanical creations from our twentieth century technological age. He was reminded every day of his humanness, his frailty and his vulnerability, and he lived and acted accordingly. And we, who have lived so long in an age where science and technology joined together, have created an impression that nature is secondary, we have allowed ourselves the luxury of believing that technology is the answer to all our needs.

If we have health problems, we tell ourselves that it's no problem, not with all those miracle bypass operations, heart transplants, liver and kidney transplants. We tell ourselves that a cure for cancer, for AIDS, is just around the corner -- and I believe it probably is -- so, no problem. Except that when the problem occurs, and medicine and technology and science fail us, as they so often do, what do we have left? Our senses, our instincts, our very tools for survival are blunt, and of little use.

Here we are, at the very beginning of the twenty-first century, and who knows, but God, what this millenium will bring. All I know, all I believe is that if we sharpen our tools, help our children to sharpen their tools, then whatever our future, it can only be healthier, brighter, better, for our true sense of who and what we are, for our true sense of what humanity is, and what the universe can bring to us.

And who knows what we can bring to it.


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