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February's Lesson - 2011

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Cooking for Life

Those of you who have been on Face book recently have seen that we have been talking about recipes. I am in the process of collecting all my old recipes to make a cook book for my daughter Samantha. During this process it has occurred to me how much life mirrors a good recipe; if you have a good recipe you can make a good cake…or can you?

A cook will require knowledge of how to cream together sugar and butter. What does that mean?

A cook will require knowledge of difference between frying and sautéing. What?

A cook will need to know how to make a roux for sauces. How do we do that?

My point is that we can have the best recipes in the world, but if we don’t understand them, if we don’t know how to execute them, then we are going to make, at worst, an un-edible dish, or at best a mediocre one.

Life is just like this. Life is just like this for most of us, and there are very few exceptions. We know what kind of life we want…we know what kind of cake we would like to be…but we often settle for less.

When we are seeking a partner what do we look for?

I used to tell my daughter that if you really want chocolate cake but you get tired of waiting, and a very nice coffee cake presents itself, you will certainly be happy for a while. But at some time in the future you will begin to see the things in the coffee cake you might consider to be flaws. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with coffee cake, and if that’s what you want then go for it; but if you want chocolate, no amount of coffee is going to fulfill you.

Deep inside we all know what kind of cake we want to be, and deep inside we all know what kind of cake we want our life to be. We know what ingredients we would like for our cake, for our life…sugar, butter, cream…sweetness, softness, love…we just don’t know, or we think we don’t know how to make it.

This month’s lesson is about creating a recipe for life.

1) The first thing you have to do is to decide what kind of cake you want to be. Write down a list of the ingredients you want to put into your life which will enrich your life. In other words, make a recipe.

2) Now, just as a good cook would do, begin to gather your ingredients around you. Make a list of where you might find them. Just as a cook would do if an ingredient was hard to find, think about where you might find it and what you have to do to get it. You might have to go out more; you might have to make more effort to search for that special kind of chocolate; you might have to do things you have never dared to do before. Ask yourself how badly you want to be the cake you have always dreamed of being.

3) There is a lot to cooking and there is a lot to creating the perfect cake. It requires time and effort, but if a cook wants that cake badly enough he or she will stop at nothing to get it done. How badly do you want to become your perfect recipe? Sometimes a cook will improvise. Sometimes in life we have to improvise. Be careful not to confuse improvise with compromise, although occasionally we have to compromise as well. Think about your life; even those who are happy can improve on what we have. Those of us who are unfulfilled are only so because it is easier to make excuses or to lay blame than to get in the kitchen and start creating what and who we want to be.

4) Ask yourself these questions and take a good look at the answers you come up with. Are you a stale cake? Are you missing that one vital ingredient that will make you taste special? Are you satisfied with how you look? We all know that a good dish is not just about taste but also about how it looks on the plate. Do you look good on the plate or could you look better? Are you moist and soft at the center or hard and dry? We all know that a great looking cake does not mean that it has a great taste. Do you give yourself indigestion…in other words, do you cause yourself pain? Do you cause anyone else pain? A cake that is dry and hard, stale and tasteless is not only useless, but is also harmful.

5) You should now be ready to make the cake. Remember that a cook who adds a little love in her mixing bowl is certain to win the prize at the cake bake!!

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