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September's Lesson - 2010

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Pet Power

There is little dog, a Schnauzer, whose name is Annie. Annie is 18 months old, and has been top dog in her household since she was rescued a year ago.

Her owner, a woman with a lot of common sense, in a job that requires discipline and organization adores little Annie to the point of spoiling. Of course Annie takes full and absolute advantage of this and runs and chases and ignores her owner to her heart’s content.

Finally, after experiencing some difficulties with Annie and her two grandchildren, Annie’s owner realized that things were getting out of hand and so she took steps to rectify the situation.

Enter Rosemary Altea - The dog trainer...

Only ever having experience of training my own dogs I was asked by Annie’s owner, over lunch one day, if I could help. I agreed, as she is a friend of mine, but did warn her that most of the training was going to be about training her and not about training the dog. She smiled, knowing that I was right.

A few a weeks later we began training Annie and her owner in earnest. Annie, surprisingly, turned out to be a very smart and willing student. Her owner, fortunately, has turned out to be the same. Sit, stay, come...these commands were learned very quickly, although on occasion, Annie’s stubbornness made things a little difficult. Walking to heel on the leash has been a little challenge, but she is finally coming to understand what is required of her.

Consistency and dedication have brought this little dog to a place where she is so much happier and therefore so much healthier. In her owners words she is a different animal.

Consistency and dedication are all it takes to bring happiness and contentment to our pets. If we used the same commitment, dedication and discipline in our own lives how much happier and more content would we be?

This month:

Think about the one thing in your life that you are undisciplined about and work on it in the same way that I have worked with Annie. 10 minutes, two to three times a day focus on disciplining yourself to improve and enhance your life in the area that your have chosen to work on.

It worked for Annie. It can work for you.

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Good luck and be ready for next month's lesson...

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