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* April's Lesson - 2010

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Let's Dance

Some of you may have seen the email that’s going around called ‘Let’s Dance’. A friend of mine sent it to me, and my first inclination, as with all such emails, is to delete without even reading...but for some reason this one held my attention.

When I read it, it told me nothing I didn’t already know, but the way the email read made me think once again how true the sentiments are that we should take life a little less seriously sometimes, and work on the fun and more positive aspects of our existence here on this earth.

We have all heard the expression ‘we only have one life’ and we all know it to be true, but still, day by day we allow ourselves to be sidetracked by the more serious issues in our lives to the point that we have no time for fun, no time for play, and no time to enjoy the simple experience of being alive.

Our lesson this month will hopefully inspire us all to take the time to appreciate and to enjoy the things in life that we often forget are even out there for us.

Over the last several months, in fact for more than eighteen months, my life has been what I have often referred to as ‘a living hell’. Bowed and almost broken by the unconscionable and terrible actions of a person I trusted to protect and honor my work and my gift, I became increasingly depressed and unhappy........and yes, it can happen to anyone, and it does. There was no dancing in my life, and all I could see was a big black hole. Despite the help, support and encouragement of many friends, the pressures from outside were so great that I felt as if I was as buried as if I were in a dark tomb with no way to escape. I think I can safely say that this was one of the worse times in my life...mainly because I had lost all hope and for the first time in my life since I was a child, there was no laughter in my heart.

My struggle with this was made even greater because as you all know, I was very aware that Grey Eagle and the spirit world were by my side, trying to encourage and help me...but I couldn’t listen.. Their words seemed only platitudes, their encouragement seemed only without hope, their love for me seemed only to cause me more hurt. Then, one morning, just a couple of weeks ago, I woke up with the strangest I had thought I would never experience again...I woke up with the strangest and most unreasonable feeling of hope, as I heard the words that Grey Eagle spoke in my ear. “Something good is coming”, he said, “Something good is coming to you”. As the words were spoken, and for no reason I could think, I knew they were true words, and I felt light, lifted, excited and hopeful...

I didn’t question what this good thing might be, and the only person I told of this was Samantha. Then, a few days later I got the email ‘Lets Dance’, and once again I heard Grey Eagles words ‘Something good is coming'.

The email was my wake up call, and I definitely needed one. I had spent the last months allowing the actions of a mean, greedy and selfish individual to overwhelm me. I had allowed that persons betrayal to blind me to the fact that no matter what God takes from us He always gives us something back. But I had also allowed another persons actions, in fact many peoples actions, to deafen me. I had stopped listening...not for others, but definitely for myself.

For each and every heart break I have had in my life, there are others who have had a thousand times more. I know that; I am reminded of that fact every day through the consultations I give. I know, when I am thinking straight, that I am one of the lucky ones. Still, it is good to be reminded that life is indeed a dance that we should all participate in.

1) First take some time and think of the past, and of past experiences that you have struggled with, and think about how you were able to deal with those struggles. Ask these questions. A) Was my faith in God and a higher power that got me through? B) Was it with the help of my friends and family that got me through? C) Was it my belief in myself that got me through? Think carefully before you answer. If your answer is ‘A’ then this will tell you how fortunate you are to know that you have God on your side at all times. If your answer is ‘B’ then you will know how fortunate you are to have such wonderful friends. If your answer is ‘C’ then you will know how fortunate you are to have a strong conviction of self and self worth. If your answer is ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ or if in fact your answer is two or three of the choices, then you will simply know that you are blessed.

2) Recognizing that we are blessed is the beginning of us understanding that life will always throw us curve balls, life was never meant to be easy, but it was also never meant to be a journey of one. Answer these next questions to see how hard or easy you make your life. ‘A’ What are the things that you obsess about unnecessarily? Cleaning? Ironing? Food? What other people think of you? Etc. ‘B’ How much time do you spend working on things which are a waste of your life? Computers? Telephones? Television? Etc. ‘C’ How much junk do you have in your life that you could easily get rid of if you had a good reason to do so? People who drag you down? One way friendships? Un-appreciation?

3) Now answer these questions. ‘A’ What actions do I need to take to make my life more fun? ‘B’ When am I going to act? ‘C’ Who will I blame at the end of my life if I have not learned to dance?

4) No-one can take actions for you. No-one can decide when you are ready. No-one can be blamed for a life without dancing but you. When you are dancing yourself, then see if you can encourage others to dance too..

I am dancing. I am excited. My problems are still there, and they are big ones...but if I don’t dance I will die inside. If you don’t dance you will die inside...and what a waste of this wonderful gift of life that would be.

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