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November's Lesson

Over the next several months while Rosemary has such a busy schedule, is on tour etc, Samantha will SOMETIMES be collaborating with her on writing the lessons for the month. Rosemary is very much a part of the process, but not always able to sit at a computer and write. Since Samantha has grown up with the teachings of Rosemary, we hope you'll agree that she's the ideal candidate to collaborate with her mother in order to bring you a lesson every month. Please also be patient and excuse Rosemary if occassionally her lessons are not up to date because of her busy schedule. She IS doing her best.

For the next several months Rosemary will not always be able to write a lesson. But please continue to work on the previous month's lessons and do check out her archived lessons. Read below for a Rosemary lesson:

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Name Your Poison

As we lie in our mother’s womb, we are pure souls, waiting to be born into a world that will hopefully teach us, nurture us, and show us ways to evolve spiritually.

We enter the world pure and open, at a time and place designated by God, and from there forward until we return back to Him, we are given opportunity after opportunity to learn and to grow our spirit. This is the reason we have come here...this is the school our soul has chosen for its education.

In this school of life we have numerous experiences which we can learn and grow from; we are given the many, many gifts that we can use to become more or to become less than we already are. Many of those gifts come in the form of joy and happiness; experiences that make us laugh and make us feel good to be alive; many of those gifts come in the form of adversity, bringing pain and heartache, sadness and tears; sometimes even the feeling that we wish we had never been born at all.

All of the gifts we are given manifest themselves in us. We can learn gentleness and love, caring and understanding, and we feed; our soul feeds from these things. Like manna from heaven we nourish our soul.

We can learn not to love, not to care or to be understanding, and we feed; our soul feeds from these things. Like poison the negativity drips slowly into us, and we destroy our soul. This month’s lesson is about the negative emotions we hold on to, and how we can feed ourselves poison without realizing it. Anger, confusion, aggression, negativity, frustration, fear, and resentment, these and other negative emotions act like a poison to us, and are likely to create sickness; we collect all of this negativity and we feed it to ourselves without thinking.

Imagine how all that negative energy manifests itself; imagine how it would manifest if you were to swallow it? It would manifest itself in disharmony, disease, negative attitudes, negative energy, etc. It would manifest as poison.

It is easy to recognize poison in someone else; the person with the bad attitude; the mean old woman who has no tolerance. Looking to another’s negativity is often easier than looking at it in ourselves. Often we want to point the finger and blame adverse circumstances for our bad behavior; after all, none of us likes to admit that we can be just plain bad tempered at times; but the truth is that we are human and not born perfect. Our adversities present as an opportunity for us to rise above our human frailties and to overcome the adverse experiences that can, if we let them, poison our soul.

We are all carrying around some poisons inside us. Aggression is poison, so is anger and so is resentment; and we all feel those things from time to time. But if we feel those things continually, if that negativity becomes too large a part of us, then we are in danger not only of damaging ourselves, but we are also in danger of letting our poison leak out on to others, to infect and to harm the ones we love the most with our poisonous energy. Here are some exercises which will help you to stay aware of your daily intake of toxicity, and to cut back on it.

Exercise 1) first, take an honest look at the kind of person you are and ask yourself these three questions:
1) How often do I get angry or resentful?
2) How often do I blame others or circumstance for my ill feelings?
3) How do I feel when I allow my negativity to poison me?

Don’t be afraid to face the possibility that your negative energy sometimes overwhelms and therefore negates your positive energy. It happens to us all from time to time.

Exercise 2) When we are born, our soul is as pure and as clear as pure water in a crystal glass. So each day, in the morning, pour yourself a clear glass of water and stand it somewhere you can see it; this glass of water represents the condition of your soul in the first half hour of the day. Visualize your negativity as non-existent at this point. Now go about your daily routine. In the evening come back to your glass of water. This glass of water now represents the condition of your soul at the end of the day; now ask yourself these three questions:
1) How much poison did I allow in my glass today?
2) If this water represents my soul, what does my soul look like now?
3) Is the water still clear and pure; grey or murky, or just black?

Answer these questions honestly. Any negativity is a drop of poison. Lots of negativity is a whole glass full of poison.

Exercise 3) Now, here are some final questions which will bring home to you very clearly how poisonous your negativity can be.
1) Am I going to drink my water willingly and thirstily? If the answer is yes, then drink the water.
2) Would I give this water to the one in my life I love the most to drink? If the answer is yes, then give it to them to drink, or drink it for them on their behalf.
3) Am I going to throw my poisonous water out and start over tomorrow? If the answer is yes, then make a more conscious effort tomorrow not to contaminate yourself or those around you.

These last three questions really bring home to us what our soul has become, and how much our soul has grown. They remind us of what we were in the beginning; what we have become; and how what we have become affects others around us. Unfortunately, by the time we get to ask the last three questions, if we have been negative or mean, if we have let ourselves become less than we would like to be, then we have already swallowed the water; we have already contaminated the ones we love the most; but we can start over again tomorrow with the visual impact of what our glass of water might be tomorrow night, and we can, with that visual in mind, be happy to drink from it.

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