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Once a month we'll be posting a lesson from Rosemary. These may be hard at times, but not impossible. Remember, the sweetest fruit is always at the top of the tree.
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May's Lesson

Over the next several months while Rosemary has such a busy schedule, is on tour etc, Samantha will be collaborating with her on writing the lessons for the month. Rosemary is very much a part of the process, but not always able to sit at a computer and write. Since Samantha has grown up with the teachings of Rosemary, we hope you'll agree that she's the ideal candidate to collaborate with her mother in order to bring you a lesson every month. Please be patient and excuse Rosemary if occassionally her lessons are not up to date because of her busy schedule. She IS doing her best.

Read below for this month's lesson.
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God Is Watching

A friend and I were hanging out waiting for another friend to join us when the first friend started saying really mean things about the person we were waiting for - it was obvious that she didn’t like her very much. So at some point I interrupted her rant and said to the friend, “I don’t think that it’s very nice that you say these things…there’s no reason to be mean, is there?” She replied, “it doesn’t matter she can’t hear me!”

I didn’t say anything else, but it made me think how easily we forget that there is always somebody in the spirit world listening to us; there is always somebody in the spirit world watching us and watching over us and that they hear everything we say; they see everything we do…they can even read out thoughts.

When you think about this notion it can be a very scary thought almost like “big brother is watching you” and if we think about it too much it can make us very nervous, until we remember that the universe understands that none of us is perfect. So with this in mind…

Our lesson this week is about looking at our perfections and our imperfections:
Take a look at some of the things that you have said and done over the last seven days…
Take a look at your thoughts and your thought process over the last seven days…

Now make a list of all of the words, actions and thoughts that you might have changed if you knew that God was watching you.

Now take a look at all of the words, actions and thoughts that you could be proud of. That God would be proud of as He watches.

When you look back over your words, actions and thoughts, do you feel guilty or ashamed?

How many times when you look back over your words, actions and thoughts do YOU feel pleased, or proud?

Make a list to show the last seven days!

Then, for this whole month, let’s continue to work on this action:
At the end of each week for the next four weeks, asses your words, actions and thoughts and ask how many times you are ashamed, or guilty and how many times you are proud, or pleased? As you work through this process week, after week, you should see that the number of times that you feel guilty or ashamed will become less and the number of times you feel pleased or proud will become more. Be sure to keep a list to show your progress asyou go along...

My final thought is:
Don’t work on being perfect, work on being better and remember that God loves us just the way we are... that doesn’t mean we can’t improve on a good thing, though!

Talk with community members about your thoughts on this month's lesson, or write us an account of your progress. We'd love to post it in our spotlight section for everyone to read.
Good luck and be ready for next month's lesson...

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