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Once a month we'll be posting a lesson from Rosemary. These may be hard at times, but not impossible. Remember, the sweetest fruit is always at the top of the tree.
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February's Lesson

Over the next several months while Rosemary has such a busy schedule, is on tour etc, Samantha will be collaborating with her on writing the lessons for the month. Rosemary is very much a part of the process, but not always able to sit at a computer and write. Since Samantha has grown up with the teachings of Rosemary, we hope you'll agree that she's the ideal candidate to collaborate with her mother in order to bring you a lesson every month.

Your Tool Box

Rosemary at this time is writing lessons as and when she can, due to a busy schedule and ill health. So please be patient and excuse her if occassionally her lessons are not up to date. She's doing her best. In the meantime, please enjoy this NEW lesson for the month and don't forget to visit our archives for many, many other lessons from Rosemary.

Your Tool Box
The world-wide recession is hitting us all. It’s not just affecting the poor, but it’s also touching the rich and everyone in between. In times like these everybody has to look for inner strength and it’s in these times when our beliefs are tested and that our trust wavers.

Continue reading below for the rest of this month's lesson.
Or for more lessons and insights read Rosemary's book, You Own the Power, and watch out for her forthcoming book, A Matter Of Life And Death

The world-wide recession is hitting us all. It’s not just affecting the poor, but it’s also touching the rich and everyone in between. In times like these everybody has to look for inner strength and it’s in these times when our beliefs are tested and that our trust wavers.

So what can we do to keep our faith strong, what can we do to keep our trust? The phrase god will provide is an easy one. Although we might have faith that it’s true, that God WILL provide… On a day-by-day basis, when we need to put food in our mouths and pay our bills it’s easy to lose sight of what we believe in. As I’ve often said before, it’s easy, when it’s easy…it’s not so easy when it’s hard. So as your teacher how can I help you? What can I do to get you through these tough times? Let’s start by looking at some of the things that we can do in our daily lives to help us through this difficult time.

Take a look at the tools that we have discovered through our monthly lessons here on the web site. It may be time to revisit some of them. It may be time to look at them again and perhaps view them in a different way.

So let’s look back at some of our lessons and remind ourselves of the tools that we have discovered and try to use them to help us to keep our faith and to keep our trust. We will be looking back over old tools and learning about new ones over the next several months.

This month, the Mantra is one tool that springs to mind:
So let’s use this “Daily Mantra” tool again to try and help us keep the faith.

How the Mantra works:
Our first rule in these exercises is discipline. Without it, we are lost. We must, if we want our lessons to be effective, discipline ourselves to devoting at least ten minutes everyday to doing our exercises, working on our lessons. If we do not have the discipline to do this, then nothing about us, or around us, is going to change one bit.

Step One:
Choosing a mantra
A mantra is a sequence of words, of power. Words of power.. Can, will, shall, have..all positive words that hold an energy which, when spoken out, and with a positive attitude, will change and affect the energy around us, creating a more positive environment. First figure out what it is that you want in your life, or at least what you want for the coming year. Joy, happiness, a new job, new partner, peace, harmony, etc. Thank carefully what it is that would make you feel more fulfilled.

Step Two:
Composing your mantra
Using at lest two power words, compose one or two short sentences which express your particular needs.

Here are some examples:
I WILL find joy in my life and all good things WILL come to me.
I CAN change my job, and I WILL find a new one.
I HAVE the strength, and I WILL find the courage to change my life.
I WILL lift my face to the sun, and all good things SHALL come to me.
So, compose your sentence and interject your power words as in the examples given.

Step Three:
Using your Mantra
The power of thought, the power of attitude, these are our most powerful tools. You must keep this in mind as you use your mantra and prior to using your mantra. Make a statement to yourself. Remind yourself...attitude and positive thinking is everything!
Talk with community members about your thoughts on this month's lesson, or write us an account of your progress. We'd love to post it in our spotlight section for everyone to read.
Good luck and be ready for next month's lesson...

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