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August's Lesson

Over the next several months while Rosemary has such a busy schedule, is on tour etc, Samantha will be collaborating with her on writing the lessons for the month. Rosemary is very much a part of the process, but not always able to sit at a computer and write. Since Samantha has grown up with the teachings of Rosemary, we hope you'll agree that she's the ideal candidate to collaborate with her mother in order to bring you a lesson every month.

Last month's lesson again...

Rosemary wants to appologize that there will be no new lesson this month. Her schedule is very busy and she's been traveling a lot. So please work on last month's lesson and try checking the archives
For any other lessons you may have missed, or want to revisit!
Thanks for being understanding.

Continue reading below for the rest of this month's lesson.
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Last months lesson was about independence, which was especially meaningful as we were celebrating the fourth of July, American Independence day, and a huge celebration for the American people. And it got me thinking. We know, those of us who followed the lesson, all the things we are grateful to be independent from, and we know all the things we would like to be independent from.but what about those things, those people, who we do not want to be independent from? What about those things and those people we want or need to be dependent on?

What of those situations we are dependant on? What of those people who are dependent on us?

It is true that we are born dependent on our mothers, for their milk and for their nourishment.and for our birth. But we are, or are we, dependent on their love?

I know people who are so close to their mothers, who have had the privilege of their mother's love, beyond the childhood nurturing, and beyond any physical needs that we have when we are young. I did not have that privilege, nor have many others. I do not, nor will I ever know what it feels like to have a mothers love.but I would have liked to; I would have liked to have been dependent on my mother for more than simply nourishment.

We go to school, and once again we become dependent on our teachers, our learning, and on the friends we make, and yes, we find ourselves breaking away again, to go to other schools, making new friends and growing into the adults we have striven from the beginning to be, gaining more and more independence as we go! But in school, many of us make life long friends and keep those friendships going, staying dependant on those friendships for the rest of our lives. Of course we want our independence from our oppressors and from those who would seek to control us for their own ends. Of course we want our independence from our boring job, or our mundane life, but there are many things and many people who we would not like to be independent from.
Who are they? What are they?

Our lesson last month concentrated on those things we wanted to be independent from. This month we are going to concentrate on the joys of being dependant, having a dependence on others.and what this might mean to us.

I would like you to make a list of all those things you would like to be dependent on in your life, those things you would like to rely on, and why. Here are three of my own examples, of which there are many.

I would like to depend on my medium-ship, for who I am as a spiritual medium and healer helps me be more of what I would like to be. This dependence enables me to have faith that my healing foundation will succeed, and that the many projects I would like to put in place there will at the right time, come to fruition.

I would like to be dependent on the fact that I will always find the strength to do what is required of me by the spirit world.

I would like to be dependent on my health, as this would mean that I can do more physically, and have more fun. Now I would like you to make a list of all those people you would like to be dependent on in your life, and why. Here are three of my own examples, of which there are many.

I would like to be more dependent on all those people who want to help me in my work, who can feed my energy and help me focus on what it is that I need to do.

I would like to be dependent on those people whose idea of truth is similar to my own, and who strive to be constructive and purposeful, even whilst failing sometimes, but who rarely give up.

I would like to be dependent on those people who rarely blame others for whatever is going wrong in their lives, but who are able to look at themselves, and pay attention to their own short comings, and work on striving to be better.

Now it is time for you to make your own lists. Take some time to review your own examples, and think about the effects that those examples have had on your life, and on the lives of those around you. Ask yourself if you can change any of the things you wish to be more dependent on, ask yourself if it is possible to become more dependent, more reliant, in those areas of your life where dependence can be beneficial to you.

You might want to be dependent on certain medications which increase the value and longevity of your life: reliable sources of good energy such as; Good relationships; Computer expertise; Shopping for fun; eating the right things.

You might want to be dependent on people such as; Family; Friends; Work colleagues; Doctors; Nurses; Travel agents; Financial advisers; When you have reviewed your lists carefully, make sure to ask yourself if you come under any of the categories you would like or need to be considered as a dependent person.

For example; are you a good friend?
Can you take a friend shopping for fun?
Would you spend all day at your computer when necessary to help others?
Do you eat well, and are you conscious of what food does to your body?
Are you a reliable friend?
Are you a person others can come to with their problems? Are you a good listener?
Are you a person who strives to see the best in others?

If the answer is no to any of your examples, think about what you can do to change things to make your life and the lives of those around you better.

If asked, we all want a certain amount of dependency on others, to be able to rely on those things and people in our lives who care about us. We also need to recognize that it is ok to depend on our soul, our spirit, for without that dependency we can become lost and confused, stunted in our spiritual growth.and this we must not do!

Sometimes we are too dependant on others for our own good, and we need to learn to stand on our own two feet. Sometimes we are too independent for our own good, and we need to learn that we are not an island, that there are many times when we do need others, and this knowledge makes us stronger. This lesson is about coming to understand the difference between what makes us strong, and what weakens us..

I depend on my child, on her love, her understanding, on her patience with me, and that she gives me the benefit of the doubt. I am human.I depend on her knowing that, and that in my humanness I often make mistakes, but that I sometimes succeed also. This dependency and trust is what makes me stronger. What dependency in your life makes you stronger?

Talk with community members about your thoughts on this month's lesson, or write us an account of your progress. We'd love to post it in our spotlight section for everyone to read.
Good luck and be ready for next month's lesson...

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