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Once a month we'll be posting a lesson from Rosemary. These may be hard at times, but not impossible. Remember, the sweetest fruit is always at the top of the tree.
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April's Lesson

Over the next several months while Rosemary has such a busy schedule, is on tour etc, Samantha will be collaborating with her on writing the lessons for the month. Rosemary is very much a part of the process, but not always able to sit at a computer and write. Since Samantha has grown up with the teachings of Rosemary, we hope you'll agree that she's the ideal candidate to collaborate with her mother in order to bring you a lesson every month.
None of us are Helpless

When was the last time you were sick?
Over the last several weeks, Rosemary (mum to me), has been sick. First she had a slipped disc, then a flu that just wouldn't go away. Being in New York and either a 24-hour car journey, or an expensive 4 hour flight away meant that I felt kind of helpless to make her feel better. But how helpless was I really? Perhaps, "None of us are helpless?"
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When was the last time you were sick?
Over the last several weeks, Rosemary (mum to me), has been sick. First she had a slipped disc, then a flu that just wouldn't go away. Being in New York and either a 24-hour car journey, or an expensive 4 hour flight away meant that I felt kind of helpless to make her feel better. But how helpless was I really? Perhaps, "None of us are helpless?"

Mum and I talked about this notion even more so after hearing that a good friend of ours' mother was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The loss of my mother is one of the most distressing thoughts to me of all and one that I hope I won't have to encounter for a very long time, so my heart goes out to my dear friend who must be feeling completely lost, helpless and afraid. The first thing I did, when hearing about his situation, was to send my friend all of my Mum's meditation and healing cds, not only for my friend to listen to, but as a tool for his mother as well. But what else could I do for them in such a dark time.

From my own very small experience of hearing my Mum sick on the phone recently, though she wasn't dying, I, too, felt completely helpless and a need to make her feel better. But how? Additionally, when we're sick ourselves, is there a way we can help ourselves to feel better? The answer is yes!

This week's lesson will give us some advice and tools in order to help ourselves and others when we're sick or dying, or just simply not feeling good, whether it be physical health related, or not.

First consider the following questions:

" When was the last time you were sick?

" Do you have a neighbor, friend, family member, or even work colleague who is sick?

" Do you have a neighbor, or someone close who helps you when you're sick-do you help them?

" How often are you aware of other people's needs?

These are the first questions to ask yourself--Take a note of who you can depend on at such a time and in return; who you would do anything for. Should you be looking outside of your small circle to help others?

Not all of us are blessed with good friends, neighbors and family who are close by when we're sick. So paying attention to our neighbors, people in the street, (even if you don't know them,) even the sick and dying we see on the news and across the world can receive healing from us, or simply people at work can be more important than you know and receive healing.

So what can we do to make ourselves more aware? <br> Don't under estimate the power of thought and the power of prayer. Thoughts are living things. One small thought can lift a person's spirit and bring them healing.

When you are sick, or if you know someone who is sick, try using the following tools and methods of becoming more aware:

1. Sit for ten minutes and to visualize someone wrapped in a blue blanket. Or visualize someone wrapped in a blue light. This is because blue is the universal healing color.If we are sick ourselves, we can do the same thing, visualize yourself wrapped in a beautiful blue blanket.

2. Visualize our loved ones in the spirit world and ask them to draw close to us and to give us their healing energy so that we can heal ourselves, or use that energy to heal others.

3. Send out healing prayers every day to those who need it. You can do this in the form of a meditation. Take ten minutes to be quiet and to pray for healing.

4. You can also log on to our web site and sign yourself, your loved ones, or even neighbors up for absent healing. Done by Rosemary and her healing team on a daily basis.

5. For those of us who have had people in hospital and are really sick. Or those of us who have illnesses ourselves we know how helpless we feel when all we can do is stand by and watch someone in pain and/or dying. The simple act of holding someone's hand is healing in itself.

6. Listen to a meditation, or healing cd/tape. Rosemary's cds have helped people from all over the world to get comfort, peace and healing, many in hospital, many just in their own home. Available in our online store.

None of us are helpless: We all have the power to give healing to ourselves and to others.

You see, you can send healing to anyone, at any time. You don't even have to know them, or them know you and they certainly don't have to know that you're sending them healing. If you walk along the street and see someone who is sick-the simple act of sending out a healing thought to that person will help them. Give it a try and you'll not only see how much it helps others, but also watch for a change in yourself.

Note: One of the most important things when someone is terminally ill, is to ask them if they want to talk about it and be prepare to talk about the dying process with them. As apposed to people pushing it under the carpet and pretending it's not really happening. If this is your situation, or you know someone who is, as well as trying all of the above tools, it might also be interesting to listen to a cd that Rosemary recorded with Bob, one of her very special patients who was dying of terminal brain cancer. His cd is one of the most inspirational experiences to listen to and also gives the listener great tools for dealing with the dying process.

None of us are helpless if we just take the time to be aware, use the tools and believe.
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Good luck and be ready for next month's lesson...

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