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Once a month we'll be posting a lesson from Rosemary. These may be hard at times, but not impossible. Remember, the sweetest fruit is always at the top of the tree.
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October's Lesson
Healing Our Loved Ones
Rosemary apologizes, but this month she's travelling and isn't able to write a lesson for October. However, she does promise that she has a great one in mind for November, so please wait a few weeks for it to be posted. She also urges you all to continue to work on last month's lesson, still posted below, or try looking back at the archives and past lessons... work on some of them. There's always something new to learn from old lessons and these lessons aren't one time shots. They're lessons for life.
Watch out for November's lesson. Until then, happy learning >>>

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Once again I was at Bob's house, visiting as his healer and his friend. Bob came out of the hospital just over a week ago, and is doing remarkably well, but his family and friends want to know how to help, his mother, Marilyn, especially needs to know, as she feels so helpless much of the time, as do all of us who have to stand by and watch our loved ones who are sick.

I have always taught my students that when we give healing, we should pay attention to the care givers as much, and sometimes more than we do our patients. Why? Generally speaking, the patient is busy, he or she has something to do...being sick can be a full time job, working and striving to overcome their situation. The doctors and nurses are also busy..tending to their patient, they have something to do. But the family and friends of the often I see them struggle in their helplessness, their inability to know how to help, to know what to do. So I teach them. I give them something to do which is valuable and constructive, helpful to them and to the patient, meaningful and enlightening...I teach them that they can give healing.

"Would you like to help me?" I asked Marilyn. "Yes. But what can I do?" "Lay your hands gently on your son, say a prayer to God, asking Him to give His healing energy, and asking that your natural healing energy be combined with His, to better empower you to help. Visualize Bob, wrapped in a blue healing blanket, just as you wrapped him as a baby, wrap him in your love and your healing light Then trust that what you are doing is going to help"

We sat, the three of us, for about fifteen minutes, Marilyn and I giving healing, and Bob soaking it up. I knew it helped Marilyn to know that she was constructively helping her son, but God had given her more help than I knew. "That was wonderful", she breathed, as we finished. "I saw a beautiful deep blue ball of light, surrounded by green. I was so amazed, and became so drawn in, that I almost forgot what I was supposed to be doing". "You were giving healing", I smiled, "you were simply giving healing".

So what does this have to do with the lesson for the month? This story tells us first that we can all give healing, both to ourselves and to others. It teaches us that we can all tap into that incredible God force, and that we all have our own power.

Our exercise for the month is to find someone we can send healing to. It can be a stranger, someone we have been told about who is sick, like Bob. It can be an animal, a friend, a family member, someone we love.

So what do we need to do?
Find a quiet place to sit, and think for a moment about the person you would like to send healing to. Visualize them wrapped in a blue blanket, a blue healing blanket, and say this prayer.
"Dear God, allow me to be a pure and clear healing channel for your healing power. Allow me to combine my healing energy with yours to benefit my patient. (give the person's name). Dear God, I will to thy will".

For ten minutes sit and give yourself up to the power of the universe, knowing that God has heard your prayer and is responding to it.

Do this every day for no longer than ten minutes.

Then write down your thoughts and feelings, anything that you see, anything that tells you that you are becoming more sensitive and aware of your own power and the power of God. Be patient. Some healers never see anything, they only trust that what they are doing is connecting with God, with their inner spirit. Whatever you experience, this exercise will inevitably help you to achieve a higher consciousness, and will make you more sensitive and aware of the capabilities of your soul.

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