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December's Lesson
Doing The Right Thing
We all find ourselves in difficult situations from time to time, and we sometimes react well, sometimes not so well, and it is these times we might wish we had 'said something', or 'done something' different--continue to read this week's lesson-Doing The Right Thing >>>

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Doing The Right Thing
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We all find ourselves in difficult situations from time to time, and we sometimes react well, sometimes not so well, and it is these times we might wish we had 'said something', or 'done something' different.

A bully shows his worse side to a friend. we say nothing, why? We're too embarrassed, too shy, feel too awkward? We kick ourselves later, wish we had stepped in, said something.but we didn't.

We see a relative mistreat their child, or our spouse being mean to a waitress. A friend talks down to a shop keeper, someone we know is obnoxious or just plain rude to a colleague. We tell ourselves it's not really any of our business, we shouldn't interfere, we don't engage. Why? It's easier that way, more comfortable. And so for the sake of comfort and ease, we let those small injustices grow. Or at least some of us do.

As a Warrior Soul, injustice and bad behavior are two things I find intolerable, both in myself and others, but over the last several decades I have learned that some things really aren't my business, that I shouldn't interfere, and that I can't save the world! However, there are those times when integrity, right action and the inability to watch people being abused or taken advantage of, forces my hand. and no matter what the cost. I have to speak up.

It's all a matter of importance. What is it in our lives that makes us stand up, that make us speak out? What are those things in our lives that make us refuse to compromise our what the consequences? What are the things in your life that are important enough to you to protect, to keep safe, to stand up for?

This is the lesson for the month. Think back in your life to those moments when you wish you had done something, but didn't. Think about how differently you might, under similar circumstances, react now. Have you grown? Are you braver now? Stronger now? Or do you realize what the important things in your life are, and that you are willing to defend them.

If you stand by and watch while others are being taken advantage of, then you are more guilty than the offender. Why? Because you know better. Don't you?

The Christian's who chose to die, rather than deny Christ. Why? Faith.
The time that Christ himself went into the temples and overturned the tables of the money lenders. Why? Courage.
The many who fought against Hitler and the Nazi's. Why? Integrity.
The firemen who go into the burning buildings to save others. Why? Bravery?

Faith, Courage, Integrity, Bravery.
These things and more were important enough to those people who stood up and were counted.
What is it that is important enough to you?

I was recently with a group of people on tour, many of whom had very serious issues. Lost children, sickness, despair, need of reassurance, and so on. Among the group was one who felt they had a gift, the gift of sight, of knowing, a psychic gif, a seer perhaps.. Was this persons "gift" real? No. Was this person a cheat, a liar? No. Was this person perhaps fooling themselves and others? Yes, I believe so. Was this person dangerous? Yes.

It was said, by two or three in the group that it didn't matter, we were all grown ups and could make up our own minds. There was something to be said for that point of view, especially if you, or your brother or sister, mother, father, children, were not the ones being harmed, not the ones who were so desperate, so in need of solace and comfort, so very, very vulnerable, so completely lost in their misery, that they were unable to protect themselves.

One couple, seeking such solace, having tragically lost their son, were told, by this psychic, "Oh yes, I see him. He's in a desert, a deserted place, lost and alone, and looking for you both. I hear him calling your names". For the couple , to hear this was like hearing their worst nightmare, and they became even more desperate than before, imagining their son in a Godless wilderness.

Were they grown ups? Yes. So why did they believe? Why couldn't they be more discerning? Because when tragedy strikes, it makes us vulnerable enough to believe anything.
So what was I to do?

It would have been easy to sit back and let it go. It would have been nicer for some if I had. It would have been simpler to put on the blindfold, put cotton in my ears, and pretend that things were ok. Easier, nicer, simpler, and so much less uncomfortable for those who were not personally affected or harmed. But you see, I am a Warrior, and so, in the nicest and best way I could, I spoke up, I spoke out, and for those two or three, I made their experience a little uncomfortable. Would I have preferred not to? Of course I would. Did I think long and hard about the effects my speaking out would have on others? Of course I did. Would I compromise my integrity? Never.

What is important to me is my work. Integrity, truth, honesty, and RESPONSIBILITY. Sometimes we are disliked because we stand up and find the courage to speak out. Sometimes, you will be disliked, by some at least, in those times when you speak out. Don't be afraid to be disliked for standing up for your principles. Don't ever be afraid to stand up for those unable to stand up for themselves. Only be afraid if at night, before you go to bed, when you look in the mirror, you dislike yourself.

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