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Sepetember's Lesson
Love and Laughter
Three weeks ago, in one of my classes, I told a joke. It was a simple, cute and funny joke, which could be told to anyone without causing offense. Then I asked the students to think about what I'd said, and to give me, the following week, their observations. Those observations were interesting, to say the least. >>>

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It's funny how we can read more into a situation than there really is, especially if it's in a classroom exercise, and this is precisely what happened, as I knew it would.

My students had taken the simple joke that I told them in class, and turned it upside down, inside out, and sideways, trying to see the "hidden message" they were sure would be there.

The results were amazing..and came purely out of imagination.

The 'joke' was no longer simply a joke. It was deep, it was meaningful, it had a message, it wasn't really what it seemed...etc, etc, etc.

Only one student was confused. "I thought it was just a joke", she said. "A cute, funny joke, I thought it was as simple as that".

I smiled. At least one of my students had got the point. Sometimes things are really exactly what they seem.

The best humor is simple, sweet, and inoffensive. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. Sometimes, most times, what a person says is simply what they mean.

So why is communication so difficult? Why do we have so many misunderstandings? Sometimes, most times, the listener isn't listening to the words, and taking them on face value, but is making judgments and assumptions, based on past experience.

The best communications are simple, sweet, and inoffensive. Sometimes, what is said is simply what is meant.

Our lesson this month is about paying attention to what others are communicating to us. Giving the benefit of the doubt in ALL situations where we think someone said one thing, but means another. Pay attention to HOW you hear, as well as WHAT you hear. Are your miscommunications about MISLISTENING?

For many reasons life has become a serious, and for many, a somber experience, and very stressful. Humor is our safety valve, the release from pressure which we all need. So this month, as you work on your listening skills, as you work on giving benefit of good intention when you are paying attention to others, here is a fun exercise to help you lighten up and get some humor into your life.

I want you to write out the word LAUGHTER, and see how many words you can make from that one word. Here are a few to get you started.

Seems a simple exercise, but wait. Now I want you to take each word, and see if you can either remember something funny with that word in the memory, or make up a funny story using that word.

There are at least twenty-five words in the word LAUGHTER, so you will have twenty-five opportunities this month to find something in your life to giggle at. Lighten up, lighten you load, and laugh. Remember, sometimes a joke is simply a joke.
Sometimes life really is as simple and as beautiful as it seems.

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