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July's Lesson
Animal Healing
It seems appropriate, given that so many people have been writing and calling about Rosie, to concentrate our lesson this month on 'Animal Healing". We know that we are all capable of healing, and many of you are in fact practicing healers. Even so, I have lots of enquiries about animals. Can I give healing to my dog, my cat, my horse, etc? And if so, is it the same, do I approach my pet the same way I would approach any patient? >>>

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The answer to the above questions is yes, and so I thought that for the next month we would concentrate our efforts on our animal kingdom.

If you have a pet, this exercise will be easy. For those of you who don't, then you will have to do what one of my Wednesday night students does. Go visit a friend who has a pet, and ask if you can use them in your healing experiment. Remember, your pet does not have to be sick in order to benefit from healing. Just as with humans, healing is first given to the soul, to heal the soul, so that the spirit, the aura or energy field of the soul, can become brighter and more enlightened.

Step 1. Make sure that you and your pet are sitting comfortably. The last thing we want is for them to feel forced or imposed upon.

Step 2. Talk calmly and quietly, and describe to them what it is that you are trying to do, and why. Remember, your pet may not understand your words, but they will certainly understand your intention.

Step 3. Say your prayer. Put out your thoughts and needs to God and to the universe, and remember...Dear God, I will to thy will.

Step 4. Lay your hands gently on your pet, stroking, calming, and try to 'tune in' to what your pet is trying to say to you, try to 'tune in' to their needs. Do this for no longer than ten minutes.

Step 5. Pay attention to your animals responses. Pay attention to your own responses, and to how you felt, and how you reacted as you gave healing. Pay attention to your pets reactions to you.

Step 6. Do this exercise for ten minutes every day. Write down your thoughts and feelings. As each day passes, pay attention to your pets responses. See if they respond differently by the end of each week. Remember, the more you receive healing, the better it gets. This applies to our pets too.

Step 7. After each session, say a 'thank you prayer' to God and to the universe for the time and energy which is being given to you, to help you with this exercise. Let us know via the community page how you are doing, and how you and your pet are feeling..and you should be feeling great.

Have fun, and make sure your pets have fun too. Healing is for all of us, souls. Remember, our animals are souls too, and they need us to remember that, and for us to pay attention to their spiritual well being, as well as our own.

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