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Once a month we'll be posting a lesson from Rosemary. These may be hard at times, but not impossible. Remember, the sweetest fruit is always at the top of the tree.
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June's Lesson
Animal Power
In most ancient cultures, animal power plays an important role in Determining the power and protection afforded a person from those in the spirit world. The Chinese equivalent of the horoscope, for instance, is animal based. My western horoscope sign is a bull. My Chinese horoscope sign is a dog. From time to time, knowing that I'm a Taurean has empowered me a little. Knowing that I'm suppose to be "bull headed" and stubborn has sometimes given me the excuse to be more so>>>

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Each of us has our power symbols. I talk more about this in "You Own The Power", and each of us has an inner knowing of what our power symbol is. My power symbol is a feather. Yours might be a pyramid, or a mountain, a tree or a shell, a cross or a rabbit's foot. A thousand, thousand, possibilities are there.

Our lesson this month is about how to find your power animal. For those of you who already know, you can do this exercise as confirmation of that knowledge. For those of you who do not yet know, here is yet another tool which you can use to empower not only you, but also to empower the energy and the environment around you.

1) Begin your meditation, as you would usually do. Close your eyes, breathe gently but deeply, using the area close to your solar plexus, breathe in, filling your lungs, and then slowly out, continuing the process until you feel fully relaxed.

2) Now it is important to remember the goal. The goal is to find your power animal. So put that thought out now, put it out into the universe. Remember, our thoughts are living things, tiny pulses of energy, reaching out into the universe, and also reaching inward, to the very depth of our inner born knowledge. Say that thought, either out loud or in your head, but say it as you would say your mantra. "What is my power animal? Where is my power animal? There is my power animal." Repeat this mantra ten times. "What is my power animal? Where is my power animal? There is my power animal."

3) Breathe calmly, gently, and remembering the goal, allow thoughts and images to enter your mind. Using the visualization techniques you have learned so far, see now if you can visualize your animal. You are connected with your inner self, your inner knowledge. As soon as you "see", or "feel", or "sense" your own special animal, your inner and instinctive knowing will tell you that it is so.

Some of you may find this an easy exercise to do; some may find it more difficult. Persevere. It's worth the effort, and try not to get frustrated or dismayed if it takes awhile. Things worth having are worth working for.

When you find your power animal, here are a few ways you can exercise that animal power. My power animal is an Eagle. When I'm feeling low, or I need my spirit lifted, I visualize my eagle, flying high, soaring over mountains, free as can be. I visualize myself, holding on to his tail feathers, free as a bird. It reminds me that my spirit can soar, and this knowledge empowers me.

I have a friend whose power animal is a fox. When she needs help with a difficult business or family problem, she visualizes her animal, becomes the animal, and allows the fox to influence her thinking. The fox is smart and cunning able to outwit its enemy. My friend feels immediately empowered by its animal power, and is more able to trust herself and the decisions she must make.

A bear us the animal symbol of one of my students, and in stressful or difficult times he visualizes the bear walking by his side. He feels empowered, able to tackle any problem, he uses his animal power.

Find your animal, find your animal power, and just as people did in ancient times, and just as the Native Americans did, and still do, use that power, and be empowered.

For more lessons and insights check back next month and also see our "Weekly actions," posted, every week here in Own Your Power. Try, too, Rosemary's book, "You Own the Power." for more lessons about owning your power. Get this book and other Books and tapes by Rosemary in our online store.

And again, don't forget to chat with others taking Rosemary's lessons in our Own Your Power, (lessons & insights) message board. Visit our community and compare notes, NOW.

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