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May's Lesson
Mind to Mind
Lesson for the month, Mind to Mind>>

We all know by now how powerful our mind energy and our thought process is. We know that mind reading is possible, in fact I have always believed that my ability to communicate with those in the spirit world is simply a connecting of mind energy, mind power. An extension of the ability to what we call mind reading.

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Many times in my life I have had skeptics who, unable to explain away what I do, have stated, "well, its only mind reading." I have always been amused by this, because I think that the ability to get into someone else's mind and access their thoughts, is in itself an incredible phenomenon. But it has always been said to me as a throw a way line, an accusation that I'm not real.

You know, and I know, that mind power is our strongest tool. In our exercise this month we are going to try to raise our level of sensitivity, to use our mind power, and to see if we can "fine tune' it. Like most tools, our mind power becomes blunt if we don't use it. So here we go.

For the exercise you will need a partner, a willing participant. It can be someone you know personally, or it can be one of the other students on the web site who is also wanting to participate.

1) Set aside 10 minutes every day. Pick a certain time which is good for both you and your partner. Try to make it the same time every day if you can, as it is important to have continuity and a regular schedule.

2) Sit quietly and for the first few minutes do your gentle breathing routine, breathing in through your solar plexus, and get to the point of total relaxation.

3) Visualize your partner. Visualize them doing just as you are doing. Now you are both relaxed, unhurried, and ready to begin.

4) Using your mind energy, reach out, reach up, into and across the space that divides you. That space must be another room, another house, another city, or even another country. Reach out, reach up, using your thoughts, your senses, and travel across the space that physically divides you.

5) Visualize your partner, relaxed, open willing to enter the mind of your partner. Like the fingers if a blind person as they explore the face of a stranger, allow your energy to explore every detail of your partners mind. Feel your way, slowly and carefully. Get to know their thoughts, even as they are getting to know yours.

6) The ten minutes is now up. Pull away from your partner, and begin to process what, if anything, you have discovered about your partner. It could be as simple as --they love ice cream--they love the movies--they hate lamb. It could be that they are--planning a vacation--going shopping for a new outfit--planning a birthday celebration. Or it could be that they are thinking about--changing their job--breaking up with their spouse--the issues surrounding their children.

7) Now, having written down your thoughts and feelings, connect with your partner, either by phone or e-mail. Each of you in turn express what you think you know. You may be right, or you may be totally off the mark. It doesn't matter. Practice makes perfect. So practice with your partner every day, and discover not only how to raise your level of sensitivity, but how to become more sensitive to others and their thoughts.

For more lessons and insights check back next month and also see our "Weekly actions," posted, every week here in Own Your Power. Try, too, Rosemary's book, "You Own the Power." for more lessons about owning your power. Get this book and other Books and tapes by Rosemary in our online store.

And again, don't forget to chat with others taking Rosemary's lessons in our Own Your Power, (lessons & insights) message board. Visit our community and compare notes, NOW.

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