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November's Lesson
Unfortunately Rosemary isn't able to write a lesson this month as she is travelling, but suggests you revisit this excellent one.

Communication is the key to understanding. Without it, we are lost, confused, and misunderstood.

How many times have you had someone say to you, "well, I thought you meant...?

How many times have you, yourself said the same thing? "I thought you said ... I misunderstood..I was certain that...
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In my classes, I am always instructing my students to "listen to my words carefully". Don't presume I'm saying something, be sure I'm saying something. Otherwise you will be confused".

The Native Americans knew how to communicate. They had to. Their lives depended on it. One mistake, one misunderstanding, could mean death, not just for themselves, but for whole tribes. And so they chose their words carefully, and used them precisely, avoiding those miscommunications and misunderstandings that, especially in our modern world, are so common.

They did indeed, choose their words with extreme care, and herein lies our lesson for the month.

In the Native American Language, there are many words that do not exist. The words promise, trust, weed. A man had no need of these words. If a man said he would do a thing, then he did it. To "PROMISE" was unnecessary. He had no need to say 'do you TRUST me?', or 'I TRUST you'. The word was unnecessary. There was no such thing as a WEED, for each plant had a name, and therefore a value.

There are many other words we know, that are not in the Native American language, but we are going to choose just one. And the misuse of this one word is the culprit for many, many misunderstandings and lack of communication today. That word is the word IT.

"It's fine".. What is?
"It's nice".. What is?
"It isn't right".. What isn't?
"It means so much to me".. What does?

We use the word IT, so many times in our vocabulary, without even thinking about what we mean. Too much use of the word means that we can become disrespectful, confusing, and also down right lazy in our explanations. The've got "IT" ..lack of communication.

So here is our exercise for the month. You cannot use the word It. Work on bettering your communication skills by avoiding the word IT.

This food is really good.
What a beautiful day today.
I love your dress.
Your behavior is not appropriate.
Your letter means so much to me.

Now we know what is, what isn't, and what does. This is a language I can understand.

As you work on this exercise, you will find yourself using the IT word, again and again, out of habit. When you catch yourself doing IT, stop, take a breath, and try communicating in another way.

Learn to communicate better.
Try to become more easily understood.
And most of all.have fun with IT

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Good luck and be ready for next month's lesson...

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