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December's Lesson
The bubble
Most of us have those times when, no matter how good life is, we just want to escape, even if it's only for a little while. To find that space, that place where we can be alone, where there are no interruptions, and where we can find peace. But of course, it is not always possible in the environment which we have created for ourselves. We also have those times when we feel the need to protect ourselves from all those outside influences, the stresses, the strains, the emotions and trauma's that play out on a seemingly continual basis, with those who surround us.

Read on to learn methods that let you achieve your own Bubble...

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Visualization is one of the important tools which we can use to help us survive each day, to retain our inner calm, to feed our spirit, or just simply to survive the human condition. Visualizing the bubble is one of the most useful and successful ways to achieve these goals.

1. Find a comfortable place to sit, and just as you would for meditation, place your hands, palms upwards, close your eyes, and begin by taking some nice deep breaths, breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth. Gently and slowly, do this until you feel yourself relaxing.

2. Now begin your visualization. You are looking for a bubble, just like the bubbles you blew as a child, the store bought container with the little plastic hoop. Visualize blowing bubbles, lots of them, and imagine them floating all around you.

3. Look for the largest bubble you can find, and visualize it growing bigger. Big enough for you to step inside it. Keep working on the visualization until the bubble appears.

4. When you are ready, visualize yourself stepping inside the bubble. The walls of the bubble reflect all the rainbow colors, which shimmer and shine, each color a different type of energy, all the colors combined giving you an energy, a shield, which keeps you safe within it's walls.

5. Inside the bubble you are protected and safe. No-one can get inside, unless you invite them, and you can stay inside the bubble for as long as you like.

Breathe in, fill yourself up with the rainbow energy. Visualize yourself floating, floating inside the bubble, free of all cares, where no harm can come to you.

Do this exercise as many times in the day as you like, but NOT Whilst Driving A Car or Using Machinery.

Here are some examples for using your bubble:

The kids have been around all day, and having finally managed to get them to bed, you have some quiet time. But you are too hyped up to relax and enjoy it. Try the bubble.

You can't sleep, no matter how you try, the events of the day, the worries, the niggles, are what's keeping you awake. Try the bubble.

You are having a hard time meditating, or you would just like to try a different kind of meditation. Try the bubble.

You have an important meeting to attend, an interview you don't want to blow, and you want your mind to be in a good place. Before you go...try the bubble.

You are not feeling well, and really need to give yourself some healing. This is a must.try the bubble.
It really works

Don't forget to chat with others taking Rosemary's lessons in our Own Your Power, (lessons & insights) message board. Visit our community and compare notes, NOW.

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