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Once a month we'll be posting a lesson from Rosemary. These may be hard at times, but not impossible. Remember, the sweetest fruit is always at the top of the tree.
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My Last Day
This month, we'll be looking at a new lesson, "My last day" This is a lesson that can be taught easily via the internet. I hope you'll learn and enjoy--

What would you do with your last day?
Take this month's lesson to discover what I mean by this question... My teaching methods are quite stringent, but I think I get the best out of my students, and they get the best out of me.

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It took me quite a while to decide to teach again, on a weekly basis, and the decision was a hard one to make. For years, more than twenty, I had been committed, twice a week, to my students in England. Every Friday evening we would meet at my house, and then at least one evening during the week, it was a requirement to go to one of the healing centers, to work.

When I write this, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but believe me, it was, and not just for me, but for my students as well. Apart from giving quite a chunk of time, the mental, emotional and spiritual commitment was great, often, in fact, almost overwhelming. Did I really want the responsibility, and all that goes with it, again?

Having finally made the decision, putting my ideas into action was fairly easy, and for almost two years now, I have been taking classes every Wednesday, in Manchester, Vermont, and having the best time.

It is not so easy to teach from a distance, and there are many things we do in a classroom situation that it is not possible to do in books, tapes or the web site. However, there are many of the simpler exercises that I can share, and that can be used, to great benefit, by almost anyone. It is these simple exercises that I intend to share with you here.

1. I want you to imagine what it would be like, if you knew that tomorrow was going to be your last day on this earth. That you only had left, the next twenty four hours of your life as you know it now.

How many important things do you have, unfinished, going on in your life?

Is there someone you are not speaking to, because of an argument or disagreement?

When was the last time you spoke to your family, told them you love them, or how much they mean to you?

What is the one thing in your life you've always wanted to do?

Which of the wishes you have stored in your heart, would you try to make come true?

First, of course you need to sit down with a pen and paper, and figure out those things which are truly important to you. Then comes the big question...What will you do about it? What will you do about putting your life in order.

Figuring out your important issues is part one of the exercise.

Taking those actions to make your last day the best it can be, is part two of the exercise.

Let me give you some examples of my students reaction to this exercise:

Debbie immediately went home and cleaned out and straightened her underwear draw, before she went to bed.

Sarah decided she would just take the whole day and spend it with her husband and daughter, just hanging out, and taking the opportunity to say all the things she felt in her heart.

Nancy went on a long hike with her husband and two sons. At one point they sat together, and each one told the other all the things they loved and admired most about them.

One of my students, who shall be nameless, picked up the phone and spoke to her sister for the first time in twenty years, after they had had a falling out.

The most important part of the exercise is that you must take an action.
In the words of Emerson "Be bold, and all good things will come to you."

The first time I did this exercise with my class, some of my students thought the idea a little morbid. Less than a week later, September 11th happened, and they got the point.

Life is short. Don't wait until tomorrow to do what you can just as easily do today.


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