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Listening to the Heartbeat of the Soul
This is an exercise that I taught at a recent workshop in New York City on December 3rd. I hope you enjoy listening to the heartbeat of your soul and get as much from our first lesson as the people attending the workshop did. This lesson is also featured in my book You Own the Power.
Join me next month for more lessons and insights.
With Love, Rosemary

It should not be surprising to you, after reading and perhaps trying the exercises in my book, that we almost always begin in the same way.

Relaxation, visualization, producing a positive thought process, use of the right kind of energy for the required outcome, which means using certain patterns of color. So, beginning the process, prepare yourself in just the same way you did when finding your bubble, and when seeking your power symbol. Your state of mind and body should be relaxed, open, powerful and positively constructive.

Seated comfortably, hands on your knees, palms placed upwards in a receiving position, you should have a feeling of peace and tranquility flowing gently, uninhibited, all through you. Your question, as you begin, should be, "What is my purpose?" The answer, "I am looking for my soul, that I might hear its heartbeat."

"I am looking for my soul, that I might hear its heart beat." Not knowing what form the soul takes, not able to conceive its shape or texture, in order to seed it out we must give it form, shape and texture. A form that in our limited human vision we can conceive. We envision the soul as a child, a baby, a pure and simple entity which is lying within you. Visualize a perfect being, untouched by all but that uncorrupted God force. Seek out the child, which lies waiting for you to find it. The child which is you.

Some of you may be tempted to run away from this exercise. Tempted perhaps to run from painful memories of your abused childhood. Others of you might feel too weakened by the terrible memories of a lost child, too hurt, too reminded of a situation in which you feel you were held powerless. This happened in one of my seminars, to a young woman who had recently had a miscarriage, lost a child she so desperately wanted. She ran before I could stop her. She ran before I could hold her and help her to heal, to help her discover her soul, her power. We seek the child within, the essence of our being, our soul, yet we must understand that this is not an easy process, nor did I promise that it would be. The journey is a tough one, our labor hard, yet the rewards are great.

If you are tempted to run, don't. Use those tools you have been given. Find your power symbol and be empowered by it. Please don't be afraid. You own your power. Let this knowledge lead you to the owning and the leadership of your soul.

Visualize the child, the baby, the unborn waiting to be recognized, waiting to be reborn by your gentle touch. Reach out your arms, and gather the child to you, with all the so far unleashed love and compassion that you have within you.

Now, wait a while. Get used to the sight, the touch, the feel of this pure spirit. Don't breathe, don't move, don't make one motion more than is absolutely necessary. Be perfectly still, and wait.

Continue to repeat this exercise as many times as it takes for you to get to the moment of contentment, peace and fulfillment at the sight of your child within. You may accomplish this at the first try, or it may take weeks, months, or even longer, depending upon how often and how much you are willing to persevere. Don't panic because it doesn't seem to be working. Go back through the book. Repeat again some of the exercises you feel might be helpful to you. You'll know which ones to choose. Don't rush or try to hurry the process. You have spent a lifetime without knowing your soul, you can afford to be patient and to wait a little longer.

So now you have brought yourself to the point where, with loving kindness and incredible gentleness you are holding your soul child in your arms. You know her, you know him, he, she, is you. Listen carefully now, not to your sound, not to your thoughts, your breath, your heartbeat. Listen carefully now to the sound of your soul child, to the sound of its heart, beating loud and strong. This is the sound of the heartbeat of your soul. Let that sound sink into your mind, your body. Learn its rhythm, discover its music, find its pattern. Here is the magic you have been waiting for. Don't misuse, or ignore, or neglect it again. You own it. You are responsible for it, just as you are now responsible for yourself.

Here is something I once wrote to myself, for myself, and perhaps, without knowing, I wrote it for you too.

"If you could see my spirit, the light, the energy, which comes from my soul, you would not want to damage or harm me, either physically, emotionally or spiritually. Rather, you would want to nurture, honor, protect, treasure and cherish me for all the days of your life.

Nurture, honor, protect, treasure and cherish for all the days of your, or my life. If I could see my soul. Perhaps through our efforts in trying to understand the universal process, we have come a little closer to both seeing and also understanding our soul.

Every time you doubt your own power, or your own ability in any given situation, visualize your power symbol. Keep the image of your power symbol, hold it in your mind's eye. Feel the surge of power that it can bring, the power which is within you, which is within us all. Use your power as a determining energy. Discover the potential that your power brings and explore the depths of it. It's roots are within you, you are that power.

Within this power comes "knowing". Once recognized, having accepted its presence within you, you will come to understand that you own your power, and its "will" is your "will".

'Will' I achieve, you will ask yourself.
The answer should be, "Yes, for I will it to be so."


Attunement is to recognize your "knowing self." Your knowing self is already in tune with God, with spirit, with the universe. So when you ask your knowing self, can I hear the sun rise, can I hear the sun set, the sound of the grass growing, or the roots of a tree spreading, and when you ask, can I also hear the moon as it swings in the sky these will be your answers:

Yes...I can hear the sun rise.
Yes...and the sun set.
Yes...I can hear the sound of grass growing.
Yes...I can hear the roots of the tree spreading.
Yes...I can hear the moon swinging in the sky.

All of these things, and more, you will begin to hear, to feel, to taste, smell and see. More and more, your sixth sense, your knowing sense, will tell you something.


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