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1. Is my loved one happy?

It is so hard for us when we lose someone we love, and painful to live each day without them. Yet our loved ones do not want us to suffer as they watch over us in our daily struggles. Death seems so final, but I do believe it is a door which opens onto another way of life.a life in the spirit world.a life with God. And even as they live and continue their lives, our loved ones who have left us still share their lives with us. They visit, they watch, they care, and they walk by our side. They send their love, strength and protection, even as our angels give us protection.

Death is not a punishment. No one really dies. Yes, your loved one is happy and is continuing their life in the spirit world and has returned home to God.

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2. Did my loved one feel any pain?

Pain is part of our human experience. We as mere mortals experience some pain at birth, through our life and at death. However, the joy that is experienced with the reuniting of our loved ones and standing in the light of God eliminates our fears, grief, our pain and so I understand is replaced with enlightenment and understanding of the universe that as mere mortals we can not possibly understand.

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3. Do babies age or do they always remain babies after they pass over?

In talking with many people in the spirit world, I have seen children who have passed young, and seen them well and happy and growing or grown. Visiting often with their families. Explaining that they can travel in time and space, be in more than one place, and at home with God and in the real world we know as heaven, learning, growing, laughing and living.

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4. What happens to those who choose to commit suicide?

When someone we love takes their own life, for whatever reason, the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are overwhelming. The sense of loss is so profound we feel we may never survive or live a normal life again. Yet life goes on, and somehow we meet each day while our hearts continue to break. The shame, the guilt, the sheer terror continues to push there way into our minds so much that even to breathe seems impossible.and yet we do breathe. and we do go on.

When we die, I believe that our angels and our loved ones come to help us with our journey. They ease and make smooth the path to the light and to God. They escort us to a place of rest where we can gather our strength to help us live and grow in a way we perhaps did not understand whilst we were here on earth. Those confused enough to take their own lives need a special kind of help.they need their special angels. God is there to provide those in need of assistance.

No matter what, our loved ones are accepted and drawn into God's loving arms where they are helped to heal, to grow strong and to find peace. I have spoken with many, many souls who have, through pain and confusion, ended their own lives. Without exception they tell me they are safe and well and that they are learning to love themselves in a good way.

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5. What happens to pets after passing over?

Each living creature has a spirit, and just like a human spirit they will pass from this world into the light to wait for us. Our pets are very much like our human loved ones who have passed. They love us very much and want to be with us. They come to the physical world to spend time with us and to be near us when we need them. To know more, read the chapter in "Proud Spirit"-Part 1.

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6. What do our dreams represent?

There are several types of dreams. A loved one is able to communicate to you when you are in your sleep state. This occurs when we are relaxed enough to be receptive to the energies in the spirit world. Sometimes to let you know of important news or occasionally just to let you know that your loved ones are all right and that they love you.

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7. What or who is my spirit guide?

For most of us our guides are our family or friends who have passed. Nudging us, helping and nurturing us. The more we nurture our instinct the more we will sense and feel them around us, our angels too.

There is, as I'm sure you know, a lot of nonsense written and spoken about spirit guides, If you can understand that a spirit guide is a highly evolved spirit entity, with great knowledge and learning, it is easy to understand that their time and energy must be spent only with those able to use and to put to good use the knowledge they impart. Very few of us have such a guide. Only those of us able to give our lives to such an understanding are so privileged.

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8. When does a soul enter the body?

There are many different opinions as when the soul enters the body. I believe that this miracle happens at the very moment of conception, when the sperm and the egg unite. When someone is in a coma their soul is still attached to their physical body, and can only be severed from the body when the moment of physical death occurs. However, it is possible, and I do tell a story about this in "Proud Spirit", that the soul can vacate the body and travel, explore, visit, but still return to the body, until the moment of death, when the umbilical -silver cord which attaches it to the body, is broken.

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9. What is the Spirit World like?

The universe and the many universes are vast. Spirits can do many things. They speak in a universal language. When they can they have a life too.

It would be impossible to describe, as there are so many places, If you can imagine this world of ours and all the differences in countries, then quadruple that, it may give you an idea of one corner of the universe. As for activities, there are multiple choices, and I do tell of some in my books, when I describe how a young man helps the angels fetch the children who are dying. The woman in her rose-garden, and young David, not snowboarding, but cloud boarding. This planet in our universe is beautiful. Whether it survives or not only God knows. But whilst it is still our home, our place of dwelling, let us each do our best in our own small corner to make it the brightest place we can. Whatever the spirit world is like, and whatever we choose to do when we get there, the exciting thing is that we will have returned home, and are united with our loved ones again.

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10. Where can I order books and tapes?

Go to our Online Store to order.

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11. Does Rosemary do private consultations?

Rosemary does take one on one and phone consultations. E-mail for more information.

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