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Reviews and Thoughts


I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Rosemary's lecture here in Los Angeles through the Learning Annex and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found her to be a very warm, sincere person with an amazing and authentic ability to connect with the other side. I have been interested in this subject matter for most of my life and even more so now since my husband of 20 years passed away last year.

Working in downtown Los Angeles and being a "public transportation user" I took the bus to the hotel at which she was lecturing and had previously made arrangements to be picked up after the first session since my ride would not have been able to pick me up any later. I found her so interesting and so credible I would have loved to have stayed for the second part, but unfortunately I had to go at that time or would have had a problem getting home. I truly regretted not being able to stay longer and sincerely hope Rosemary will be back in Los Angeles at some future time so that I will be able to hear her again.

Dear Samantha,
I saw Rosemary Altea last night at the Church of Today, in San Diego, California. I wasn't sure what to expect. Part of me wanted her to pick me so she could tell me that my dad and grandma were right there with me. After the meeting I felt a little foolish for wanting that so badly since I already know they ARE with me. Everything she said to the others in the room confirmed this. I came away with a sense of peace, knowing that I am not alone.

I had been keeping a gratitude journal for about three years now but I just recently stopped writing in it due to my busy schedule. As I listened to Rosemary I realized I needed to keep that going. When I write down what I'm grateful for each day there's an energy to it. I feel like I'm being guided. I get these moments of serendipity, or what I call "God-incidences". Just today, after writing in my gratitude journal last night, I had a huge "God-incidence". Just like Rosemary says, it sends shivers down my spine.
Thank you,

I FINALLY got to meet Rosemary after so many years of following her work. I was this Lady in a closed restaurant who "didn't want to interrupt her meal" *smile*, but I had waited 13 years plus to just be in the same room with her and feel her energy. I apologized to her for intruding and asked her to autograph my copy of You Own The Power. She signed my book and then invited me to sit down at her table while she commenced to communicate with several family members of mine.

You see, you have to understand that I've followed Rosemary's work for some time now, and felt she was genuine from the very first time I saw her on TV and felt that one day I WOULD meet her. I've since lost several family members but found myself having a difficult time with my most recent loss; my Mother.

My dear husband gave me a wonderful surprise with the seminar in San Diego, California and I can't begin to tell you how Rosemary helped and inspired me. My name is Marie B------ and not only did she take time with me in the restaurant, but also came back to me in the seminar and then BEFORE she left the building, she gave me a very warm and encouraging hug. She truly confirmed all of my beliefs. I just want Rosemary to know that she is a beautiful and wonderful soul and has an incredible spirit. She has inspired me beyond even my own belief. Everything she said that night, I do on a daily basis. Every day, I go out of my way to make a difference in someone less fortunate's life. I'd like to thank her ever so much from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the messages from my family members, my Son and my beloved Mother (she was quite a character), and had ALWAYS, since my Sons passing in 1985, promised to bring him to me upon her departure. It happened through you, and for that I am truly grateful and I sincerely thank you.

My husband and I recently spent a wonderfully uplifting evening with Rosemary in Rutland Vermont. Even though she did not address either myself or my husband personally, we both felt that the messages shared that night had messages we can learn from.

My husband lost a child in infancy, and has problems sleeping many nights, he is plagued with reoccurring nightmares, some which involve our son who is now six as well as the son he lost. The night we saw and heard Rosemary is the first peaceful nights sleep I have "seen" him have in the 11 years we have been together. While I know that he is still bothered by these dreams, mainly by body movements, I thank Rosemary for that one wonderful night and hope and pray that the words she spoke that night will always be somewhere in my husbands mind and soul and give him even a little peace.

Rose spoke to a woman in the audience who had lost a child, and the child related that the child crawls into bed and cuddles her. I have opened myself up a bit because of this information. I openly welcome my husband's son into our bed to be with his father, even though he is not my son, and my husband's ex-wife recently had a child born with a medical problem. I feel that my husband son is with his new brother, caring for him and also with his mother, since she suffers from severe post partum depression and the added pressure of a child with a medical problem could make this condition much worse. I have begun to be a more compassionate person because of that one night with Rosemary and Grey Eagle.

Dear Samantha:
Sometimes when you can read a person's books, hear them on the TV, or read about them in a magazine you tend to get an image of that person in your mind. Of how you would expect them to look, act or just be. Often you become disappointed when you have the opportunity to meet or see the person.

Well, with Rosemary it was quite the opposite. For two years now I have admired her courage through her life as I read each of her books. I saw her on CNN, read a few magazine articles, and spoke with people who know her personally. I had an image in my mind and my admiration only grew after meeting her.

Last weekend, I was lucky, honored to meet Rosemary Altea at her Rutland, VT show. She is everything I thought she would be and more. Her gift is amazing. She had the crowd laughing at the most of emotional times, crying tears of joy to have their loved ones near them. Even those of us who did not have the opportunity to speak with anyone in the spirt world felt the emotions and joy for those who did. She was able to show my husband the truth of the other side (something I have been unable to convince him of for the past 12 years!).

Rosemary shows courage with every person she speaks with. She can admit she is not perfect, "I'm only human after all," I believe were the words she used. Few people I know can openly admit this, especially to a group of close to 300 people. The confidence she displays is unmatchable.

Rosemary, you did a terrific show and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. It was an evening I will cherish in my memory for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Dear People,
I recently attended the April 13th Healing Day in Rutland, VT with my 15 year old daughter Chelsea.

Thank you for producing a wonderful day. I appreciate that Rosemary spent time with me personally during the healing process wherein she placed her hands on my spine. I have been in several accidents causing injury to my back and Rosemary found the worst spot, a result of falling out of a tree about 10 years ago. Thank you very much Rosemary! I actually had the sensation of feeling your warmth and healing touch and had an awareness of my spine that was almost indescribable. Suffice to say my spine felt soft and pliable and good!

My daughter enjoyed the event far more then she had anticipated and I am glad she had an opportunity to broaden her horizons (that's parent talk).

We both met a number of participants in the program and enjoyed that as well and there seemed to be such a great group of people present.

We were hoping we could attend one or two of the Wednesday evening healing meetings in Manchester in August and would like you to send us any information that might be useful before we come.
Thank you so much!

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