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Rosemary gives the world an *entirely new* "soul system" for understanding our relationships, our successes and failures, and ultimately our most fundamental selves.

In Soul Signs, Rosemary introduces a system of soul typing that encompasses all living beings and explores the true nature of the soul-in a radiant style familiar to the legion of fans who have made her a bestselling author and an enormous hit on such shows as The Oprah Winfrey Show, 20/20, and Larry King Live, Rosemary continues with this new book to teach us incredible lessons and insights and a whole new way of looking at ourselves and others-Soul Signs is a brand new soul sign system a new science that was brought to Rosemary by the spirit world. She was finally ready for this new and amazing concept and now, so are you!

Which energy group do you belong to?...The strategic and grounded earth signs, passive and charming air signs, compromising yet unstoppable water signs, the ever-changing emotional fire signs, or the destructive dark sign-or sulfur group?

Are you a strong-willed, emotionally driven, perfectionist Retrospective soul? A thrill-seeking, nonconformist, romantic but fickle Traveler soul? What about your mate, friend or colleague? There are 13 soul signs in all. Once readers learn the science behind soul typing, they will enjoy "typing" their friends, family, and even celebrities to better understand why some people seem so happy, others at war with themselves, and-the most fun-who belongs together.

Rosemary's words on how it all began:

Soul Signs:

When I first heard the words, I was immediately intrigued and more than curious to find out what they meant. Soul Signs. Was this something like astrology, perhaps Runes, or some other ancient art that others knew about, but which I had not yet heard of?

As Grey Eagle spoke the words, I felt a tingle of anticipation and expectation, but had no idea how much my life, my view on things, and my way of looking at others would change. How much more understanding, hopefully more tolerant and much more fascinated by our human, or earth existence I would become. And as time went on, and I began learning, so many things that had confused, or hurt, or intrigued me about my own past, my relationships with my parents, my siblings, partners and colleagues, so many things fell into place, and finally I understood.

We are all creatures on this planet Earth, born, created from certain types of energy. Energy which drives us, often dictates our responses, our thoughts, our actions and our reactions to all of the situations and circumstances in our lives. The energy of Fire, of Earth, of Air and of Water, and also the energy of Sulphur. These five energy sources are the primary forces that have created and that drive every creature, every living thing on this planet.

Which one are you?

Are you created from the energy of fire? Are you a Fire sign?

Are you created from the energy of earth? Are you an Earth sign?

Are you created from the energy of Air? Are you an Air sign?

Are you created from the energy of Water? Are you a Water sign?

Are you created from the energy of Sulphur? Are you a Sulphur sign?

Within each of these first four groups, Fire…Earth…Air…Water…there are three separate soul signs. Within the fifth group…Sulphur…there is just one, making thirteen soul signs in all.

Which Soul Sign are you? Which one is your child? Which one is your spouse? Colleague? Friend? Soul Signs will tell you. Are you a Warrior or a Seeker? Are you a Dreaming or a Newborn? Are you an Old Soul or a Retrospective? And what about soul mates? Which one, which soul sign is most compatible, which one will give you the best chance of happiness, and which will give you the worst. Find out which of the thirteen soul signs is most compatible, and which is the most incompatible with yours.

This is new. It was new to me, and it will be new to you. A whole new science, brought to us by the spirit world, at a time when we need a greater understanding and a wider perspective of God's plan for us all.

In Soul Signs, Rosemary describes each soul as a daffodil, a beautiful flower. Once you've figured out your Soul Sign, you can even see which flower you are.

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