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You Own the Power

Rosemary's third book follows the tradition of the first two, becoming her third international bestseller.

Read an excerpt from Chapter 3:
Getting to Know Who We Really Are

After so many requests from their followers, to learn more and grow spiritually, in YOU OWN THE POWER, Rosemary and Grey Eagle illustrate what master teachers they have become and begin to show how it's more than possible that we are all able, in some way, to tap into our sixth sense.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, each of us comes into this world endowed with breath-taking gifts. The power of intuition. The power to sense the invisible world around us. The power to create energy and use it to heal ourselves and others. Unfortunately, these awesome gifts often go undeveloped or get blocked by human emotion and childhood experiences. Sometimes a wise teacher is needed to shine a light.

For many years, Rosemary has been that teacher, guiding thousands of students in their quest for self-empowerment.

YOU OWN THE POWER is groundbreaking work of self help comprised of simple, effective and proven exercises that tell us what we need to know. We learn how to release stress and find peace, locate our energy and build it up, develop visualization skills, fine tune our attitude, savor our common senses and tune into our sixth sense.

Woven in with this rich "how-to" tapestry are miraculous stories of the spirit world: the time Rosemary spoke to one of the victims of TWA flight 800, her chilling conversation with two brothers who died in a Nazi concentration camp, and much more.

YOU OWN THE POWER illuminates the truth about the power of thought and how it effects the well being of ourselves and others.

**We also learn the wisest lesson of all**
Before we can communicate with the invisible forces around us, we must first learn to communicate with ourselves.

Extraordinary Praise for: YOU OWN THE POWER

Rosemary Altea is not only a gifted medium and healer but a master teacher as well. YOU OWN THE POWER gives readers a chance to develop their own abilities and helps demystify some of the more mysterious aspects of energy and spirit communication."
--Carol Adrienne
Author of: The Purpose of Your Life

"Once again the renowned spiritual medium and healer Rosemary Altea offers us a beautiful and enlightening book filled with inspiring stories and very practical advice and techniques. You will greatly enjoy and benefit from YOU OWN THE POWER"
--Brian Weiss, MD
Author of: Many Lives Many Masters

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