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Liz Smith
The New York Post 10/01/2001

MY SAINTED literary agent, Joni Evans of William Morris, is one of my conduits to sanity. Sitting in her Fifth Avenue bachelor pad overlooking Central Park, she told me this story: Her famous client Rosemary Altea is a psychic of note, an amazing woman who has caused me and others to abandon cynicism and wonderment about many spiritual questions. Her books include "The Eagle and the Rose," "Proud Spirit" and "You Own the Power."

Rosemary lives peaceably in Vermont. But now her Web site is so clogged with input that she can hardly cope. Many of the thousands who lost loved ones in the WTC and at the Pentagon are begging Rosemary to help them contact their missing.

Joni and I were trying to think of a way to bring Rosemary to New York in a large public forum to lecture. We haven't figured it all out yet. It wouldn't be in any commercial. Still, it is such a heart-wrenching kind of dilemma, the sort of thing one would like to simply run turn away from, yet can't.

What all these inconsolable people want from Rosemary is just -- "the chance to say goodbye ... we never got to say goodbye!" Or, "We just want to know they are all right."

Rosemary obviously believes those souls are all right and were lifted up and away from the miseries of this world. I hope she is correct. I hope we can pull off a comforting appearance for Rosemary in New York sometime in the future.

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